23 Mar, 2024
IARConsortium Journal Transitions to New Site, Offers Enhanced Features for Scholars

In a significant move aimed at improving user experience and accessibility, the IAR Consortium Journal has announced the successful migration of its website from its existing platform to a new, upgraded site. This migration includes the seamless transfer of all content along with the implementation of LaTeX format PDFs and activated DOIs, enhancing the journal's functionality and credibility.

The transition to the new site comes with a host of benefits for scholars and researchers. With LaTeX format PDFs now available, authors can ensure their work is presented in a professional and standardized format, meeting the highest publication standards. Additionally, the activation of DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) provides a persistent link to each published article, facilitating easier citation and referencing.

Furthermore, the IAR Consortium Journal has introduced several other features aimed at enriching the scholarly experience. These enhancements include improved search and navigation functionalities, streamlined submission processes, and enhanced accessibility across various devices.

While the migration process has been successfully completed, the journal's team acknowledges that there may be some pending issues that require attention. In an effort to address these promptly, the team assures continuous engagement to resolve any outstanding matters. They urge scholars and contributors to exercise patience during this transitional period, emphasizing their commitment to delivering a seamless and efficient publishing experience.

Commenting on the migration, Nasim Ahmed Managing Editor at IAR Consortium Journal, expressed enthusiasm about the positive impact the new site will have on the scholarly community. "Our goal has always been to provide a platform that supports researchers in sharing their work effectively. With the migration to our new site and the introduction of enhanced features, we are confident that we are better equipped to fulfill this mission," they stated.

The IAR Consortium Journal encourages scholars, researchers, and readers to explore the new site and take advantage of its improved functionalities. As they continue to refine and optimize the platform, they remain committed to fostering academic excellence and knowledge dissemination within their community.

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