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Research Article | Volume 3 Issue 6 (November, 2022)
Mechanisms for Protecting Education in Accordance with International Law in Areas of Armed Conflict for the Purpose of Protecting the Right to Education of the Ukrainian People
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There is no doubt that the education crisis in light of armed conflicts represents a global challenge that calls for an urgent international response. The damage that these conflicts can inflict not only comes from human costs and material damage to the infrastructure of schools and universities, but also undermines economic growth, promotes poverty, and distorts Resources from productive investment in education and the establishment of educational institutions, and directing them towards unproductive tunnels in the military and other fields. In these circumstances, educational facilities may be subjected to destruction and damage, as well as students and education staff may be exposed to threats and physical harm, not to mention that the population is subjected to forced displacement within the borders Their countries and abroad, and the accompanying exploitation and recruitment of children in contravention of the provisions of international covenants, constitute a factor depriving many groups of society of their right to education, and the educational process itself is affected if it is used as a tool for war propaganda or as a means of spreading discrimination, incitement or hatred.
Public International Law - International Community - Protection of the Right to Education - Armed Conflict - Children's Rights.
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