03 Apr, 2024
Firas Abd Kati: Pioneering Prosthetic Dentistry with Excellence and Dedication

In the field of prosthetic dentistry, individuals like Firas Abd Kati stand out as shining examples of expertise, dedication, and innovation. With a rich academic background, extensive professional experience, and a passion for excellence, Firas has made significant contributions to the field, both in Iraq and beyond. Let's explore the remarkable journey of this Assistant Professor and his impactful work in prosthetic dentistry.



Early Years and Education

Firas Abd Kati's journey into the world of dentistry began with a strong academic foundation in Baghdad, Iraq. After completing his primary, intermediate, and secondary education, Firas pursued his Bachelor's degree in Medical Technology, specializing in Dental Technology, at the College of Health & Medical Technology in Baghdad. His thirst for knowledge and dedication to his craft led him to further his education with a Master's degree in Maxillofacial & Craniofacial Technology from King's College London, UK.



Academic and Professional Achievements

Armed with his academic qualifications, Firas embarked on a career in academia, joining the College of Health & Medical Technology as an instructor in the Prosthetic Dentistry Tech. Department. Over the years, he has played a pivotal role in educating and mentoring students in various aspects of prosthetic dentistry, including complete dentures, partial dentures, and maxillofacial prosthesis.

Firas's expertise extends beyond the classroom, as he is also responsible for overseeing one of the laboratories in the Prosthetic Dentistry Tech. Department, where he ensures the quality and precision of dental prosthetic work.



Professional Experience and Contributions

Firas Abd Kati's professional journey is marked by continuous learning, professional development, and active participation in conferences and seminars. His involvement in international events such as the IMPT congress in Birmingham and the BSPPS congress in London underscores his commitment to staying abreast of the latest advancements in prosthetic dentistry.

Moreover, Firas has contributed significantly to the field through his research endeavors, with several published papers in esteemed journals. His research on topics ranging from the mechanical properties of acrylic resins to the translucency of clear acrylic resin has added valuable insights to the field of prosthetic dentistry.



Membership and Affiliations

Firas is an active member of various professional associations, both locally and internationally, including the Syndicate of Iraqi Medical Technologists, the British Maxillofacial Prosthetists and Technologists, and the International Society for Maxillofacial Rehabilitation. His involvement in these organizations demonstrates his commitment to professional networking, collaboration, and continuous learning.




In conclusion, Firas Abd Kati's journey in prosthetic dentistry is a testament to his unwavering dedication, expertise, and passion for excellence. As an Assistant Professor, researcher, and active member of the dental community, Firas continues to make significant contributions to the field, shaping the future of prosthetic dentistry in Iraq and beyond. With his leadership, knowledge, and innovative approach, Firas exemplifies the highest standards of professionalism and excellence in dentistry.



Firas Abd Kati has been appointed to the editorial board of IARCON. With his extensive experience and dedication, he brings a valuable perspective to our publication, enriching our discourse. We warmly welcome Firas Abd Kati to our editorial board and eagerly anticipate his valuable insights in shaping the future of research within our esteemed platform.


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