Membership FAQ
What is IAR Consortium?
International Academic and Research Consortium is the abbreviation of IAR Consortium under the banner of IARCON International LLP, with the main aim to promote the development and strengthening of the interfaces between various disciplines in Engineering, General Sciences, Medical and Healthcare, Humanities, Social Science and Management related fields. Inlight Publisher currently has more than 10 open access journals in the areas of science, technology and medicine and other scientific fields.
Where is IAR Consortium Principal Place of Business?
IAR Consortium headquarters is formally called Principal Place of Business. Location: PHULTOLI BAZAR LANKA, HOJAI, ASSAM 782446 Hojai, Nagaon AS 782446 India.
Why is IAR Consortium located in India?
IAR Consortium is legally registered in PO BOX-101, Nakuru, Kenya. It has offices in Kenya, Kuwait, Bangladesh and India. As a way to minimize the processing cost, IAR Consortium operation office is mainly located in India.
Who can Apply for Membership
Any Academician/Researcher who is having a Doctorate degree (PhD)or Master degree with minimum 3 years academic or research experience/Bachelor degree in Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering or any other professional courses with a minimum of 5 years experiences.
Are they any charges for Membership
Yes, It have some nominal charges for providing the membership, it varys on Categories of Membership been chosen.
After Apply how many days it takes to review the Membership Application..?
It takes 7 to 10days after applying in membership, once we receive the application forwarded to the higher authority and after that executive committee decided to congratulate for membership degree or not even executive comitte having any doubt they may contact the applicant for clarification.
What if im not select but I paid..
Don’t woryy we are the international scientific organization completely rulled followed by Govt. of Every country so in that scenario if any transaction made by applicant and not selected he/she may complain to our mail: and can get their money refund within 7-10business days.
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