IARC Dignitary


 Members will receive as prestigious e-membership certificate which is essential for academic and professional enhancement.
 Members will receive an Assamese Traditional Gamusa with a Printed Frame of their Certificate & Memento of Cultural Unity which will be currier to them.
 Members can apply for Academic and Research Awards without any registration fee.
 Members will get up to 5 Research Article free of Cost Publication.
 Members All the Article will be Publish in Fast track Mode (It will Not take more than 3days)
 Members will get 50 percentage waivers in publication fee in all our collaboration Journals (After Completion of 50Articles)
 Members are exempted from 50% registration fee for all National and Internal Seminar/Conferences in upcoming days.
 Members will get 50% waive on any of our Seminars or Workshops
 Members will get weightage to become Editor in our National/International journals
 Members will also be privileged to host the National/International Conference at their own place/country with collaboration with the Permission form IAC


We Provide DIGNITARY membership to our Academician/Researchers who are having Doctorate degree (PhD) or Master’s degree with minimum 10 years academic or research experiences/Bachelor degree in Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering or other professional courses with minimum 5 years’ experience or IARC team can Provide DIGNITARY if the Academician/Researchers contribution in the society and research field equivalent.


To join us as an IARC DIGNITARY MEMBER,you will be charged USD200 (For International Author) or INR-10000 (For Indian Author) - Lifetime Membership

IARC DIGNITARY is a Top level Membership category in our Organization where we provide our Academicians all the benefit as well as invite them to mentor our all the members and authors by sharing ideas, keynote speakers in seminars, online workshop and much more.

IARC Dignitary Members

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