iARCON International LLP is a Limited Liability Partnership firm that are being registered by Ministry of corporate affairs [Refer Rule 11(3) of the Limited Liability Partnership Rules, 2009] LLP Identification Number: AAS-9365 operated by Mr. Nasim Ahmed and Mr. Samim Ahmed as a Publishing periodicals Journals, organizing conference, workshops, and providing faculty development programme irrespective of all discipline.

iARCON aspires to create a global, united virtual scientific community in order to digitalize the entire process of discovery, cooperation, and knowledge sharing. This goal will be accomplished through a variety of activities, including networking and joint ventures, education, research aid, public.

iARCON Presently engaged with 4Publication house where we Publish scientific Articles and the same time iARCON started its scientific consulting firm which name is https://www.connect2science.in/
International Academic & Research Consortium is a Scientific Research Consortium under the banner of IARCON International LLP, with the main aim to promote the development and strengthening of the interfaces between various disciplines in Engineering, General Sciences, Medical and Healthcare, Humanities, Social Science and Management related fields.

IARC is also engaged in sharing knowledge through the organization of various conferences, seminars and workshops on various subjects from time to time throughout the year. Each conference is conducted in collaboration with other institutes, Society organization or IARC Parent Organization of IARCON International LLP. IARC will promote various languages of the world and collaborate with researchers, academicians and scholars to explore the creativity.

IARC will provide various categories of membership facility to academicians and students so that they can be benefited from our organizations in every possible way. (https://iarconsortium.org/)
Himalayan Journals is a listed of few Journals under In Light Publisher with collaboration few academicians from Nepal, India and Kuwait. It is an international scholarly group comprised of prominent academicians and researchers around the world under the banner of IARCON International LLP with the aim is to represent with a deep meaning of Exploring the creativity of Scientific Worlds to show the Whole world.( https://himjournals.com/)
Inlight Publisher is an international scholar’s community for open access scientific journals in both print and online publishing from Qatar. The aim of the organization is to providing the best quality research journals publication and quick response to our researcher and providing the best platform for research & ensures the recognition of scientists and researchers as they deserve the opportunity to play a significant role in the global scientific community.

We expect to publish lots of research & creative paper so that mankind can get a better knowledge about scientific publications. Mann-Whitney Research Publication team is dedicated to continuously improving service provision and to maintaining high quality standards. (https://inlightpublisher.com/)
International Scientific Research Publishing Group motto is to Exploring the Scholars Creativity into the world. The aim of this organization is to make available the quality standard journals in all academic and research fields. This team is made of experienced and dedicated editors, reviewers and publishing personals around the globe who will maintain the quality of research paper with expertise review and quick publication services. International Scientific Research Publishing Group basically publishes all kind of scientific Research Papers all the major scientific Discipline with fully open access for the Scholars.( https://isrpgroup.org/)
Connect2science is a regulatory compliance academic firm in India provides complete opportunities to scholars and researchers to improve and increase their number of publications per annual. We serve as agent for scholars in different fields of study who make publications in reputable journals. In consideration of your publication quality, achieved impact factor and indexed/abstracting, which helps the criteria of many scholars/researchers along with we organize conferences & Awards programme for the Publisher, Academic Institution, NGO’s & Corporates to value their goodwill of the company with help reducing their time & Employees engagement. (http://connect2science.in/)
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