Diversity Equity & Inclusion at IARC
iARCON always had a dream to maintain its diversification and we are the youngest scientific researchpreneurs who’s always had a proud on diversified culture and team of one irrespective of all varries.

iARCON has its variety of branches in all other places with different product entity where different team maintain its role and responsibilities:

IAR Consortium-kenya & ISRP Publishing Group
9+ Scientific Journals
Operated by
Mr. Mazid Alam Barbhuyan As an Operation Executive Head, IAR Consortium call: +91-6000605461
Mr. Samim Ahmed As an Director Head- IAR Consortium call: +91-7002542354
Inlight Publisher & Himalayn Journals
14+ Scientific Journals
Operated by
Mr. Arif Uddin HR Manager- IARCON International LLP
Mr. Jahirul Hoque- Executive Head- IARCON International LLP
Connect2scinece- An International Scientific Consulting Firm
Operated by:
Mr. Nasim Ahmed- Director of IARCON International LLP & Emapils Private Limited
Emapils Private Limited- (Funded by IARCON International LLP)
Operated by:
Dr. Amit Sachdeva- Promoter of Emapils Private Limited
Mr. Shaidul Hoque- Promoter of Emapils Private Limited
Mr. Nasim Ahmed- Founding Member of Emapils Private Limited
Operated by
Mohd. Nehal Lari- Tax Consultant of IarTaxtra
Shamim Ahmed- Account Executive
Faculty Chapters
This is an Newly workshops has been launch by famous Community development doctor Mr. Amit Sachdeva who is knowingly famous personality in Himachal Pradesh.
ASN’s Chapters
This is new entity been launch by Nasim whose aim is to providing a Social Network maintaining platform for Academicians.
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